Thursday, June 9, 2011

Monarchs Spread Their Wings and Joy in Westfield

The 2011 Westfield in Bloom project is a continuous effort to beautify the Town. Inspired by Westfield Resident, Diane Genco, this year’s theme involves attracting Monarch butterflies. Genco’s green, flower filled backyard is a certified Monarch Waystation. It is here where she raises, tags, and documents the life of a Monarch butterfly. She doesn’t stop here. As an executive director, Genco started the campaign for after school students called “Outdoors in the Garden State”. This program gets kids outdoors and connects them with both the community and nature.

This year Westfield in Bloom is following in Genco’s footsteps. Local volunteers and organizations have joined forces to plant flowers that attract these butterflies. Westfield in Bloom will focus on attracting these butterflies due to the dwindling numbers of the species. Not only are butterflies aesthetically pleasing, but they will also serve as pollinators for Westfield’s plant life.

A special thanks to Diane Genco for providing us with the picture of her beautiful granddaughter! We only hope others can share the same joy of the Monarchs!

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