Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Calling All Landscapers!

This year Westfield will once again participate in the America in Bloom competition (locally known as Westfield in Bloom), and we need your help!

America in Bloom (AIB) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting nationwide beautification programs and personal and community involvement through the use of flowers, plants, trees, and other environmental and lifestyle enhancements. The nation-wide grassroots program believes that connecting people and plants is important to everyone’s quality of life. While providing a framework for continuous improvements in communities, America in Bloom’s competition judges cities and towns on eight criteria: Tidiness Effort, Community Involvement, Environmental Effort, Landscaped Areas, Turf & Ground Cover Areas, Heritage Preservation, Floral Display, and Urban Forestry. Westfield was honored to receive the top prize for towns their size in the 2010 America in Bloom competition and won the Landscaped Areas Award for all entrants across the country. Perhaps, the efforts of your company greatly contributed to this award as the judges noted that “the landscaped areas were all neat and well-conceived, the entire residential area of the city was impressive, [and] all yards were crisply landscaped and evidenced an overall pride of community.”

“Westfield in Bloom” is co-lead by Sherry Cronin, Downtown Westfield Corporation, and Dave Williams of Williams Nursery. We need YOUR help to make Westfield even more beautiful. Judges come August 1 and 2, and there is still much to be done. This is where you come in. Your individual amount of participation is of course up to you. From landscaping or gardening donations such as soil, flowers or plants to volunteering with watering, weeding, and planting, there are many ways to get involved. While thinking about your options remember; what you put in, is what you will get out. Information on the most beautifully landscaped households is also needed. A part of the judges tour consists of Westfield’s residential areas, pictures and/or contact information regarding your favorite landscape jobs would be greatly appreciated as well.

Why should you get involved? Your company is part of the local community and while your main focus is on your business’s success, without a high functioning and thriving community, your business would be clientless. Your community and your customers are not mutually exclusive. As your individual marketing plan is unique to your business, community involvement may be either a major or minor part of your public relations strategy. Additionally, the publicity that you will receive as part of Westfield in Bloom by the various media outlets can help your business in many ways. This may provide more awareness of your company in your target market, which can have a much better financial benefit than a simple tax deduction.

Your efforts will market your business, increase your reputation, and most importantly beautify Westfield. Please contact Sherry Cronin; Executive Director, the Downtown Westfield Corporation (DWC) as soon as possible if you are interested, or need any additional information at 908-789-9444 or by email at s.cronin@westfieldtoday.com. Check out our blog at www.WestfieldinBloom.com. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance!

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