Saturday, July 10, 2010

Westfield is Blooming!!!

Despite the heat wave, Westfield is blooming and getting ready for the America in Bloom judges, Bruce Riggs and Marlboro Packard who will be coming to town on Sunday, July 10, 2010. They will be here until Wednesday morning and will be viewing 80% of the community in the following categories: floral displays, tidiness, landscaped areaas, urban forestry, heritage, community involvement, turf and groundcovers, and environmental effort.
In 2009, the first year Westfield competed, we received special mention and 4/5 bloom rating for our floral displays (a significant achievement for never having floral displays before). Westfield is also honored to be the only town in the state of New Jersey to compete. It is a friendly competition among 28 towns in the US, and Westfield is competing against Michigan City, IN and Murray City, UT in our population category.

Good luck Westfield! Thanks to all who have participated in Westfield in Bloom!
Westfield in Bloom Co-Leaders: Dave Williams and Sherry Cronin
Photo credit: Jamie Lemberg, Downtown Westfield Corporation

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