Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Signs at Memorial Pool

As I was heading back today from the Conservation Center, I happened to notice that there was alot of activity taking place --not in the pool but rather outside. The Kirna family and their friends were putting up new signs at the Memorial Pool. This was a project which was presented last July to the Mayor and Town Council as an Eagle Scout project, but it took a while to raise the necessary funds and to fabricate the signs. Here's a link to the article on Westfield Patch last year...

The signs look great! John Kirna can be seen here with his father Oliver taking special care to install one of the two signs. Also, all of the landscaping around the base of the signage was donated by none other guessed it...Williams Nursery!!!

By the way, Andrew Kirna (John's brother) just placed a new sign at the Municipal Building as an Eagle Scout Project too. These signs look so professional, and despite my attempts to recruit them to make some new signs for some of our downtown businesses, they said that they were going to retire now from sign making when these projects were completed.

Congratulations Kirna family! Thanks to everyone who contributed to this great project and thanks to the Kirna's we have some great new additions to Westfield's landscape!

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