Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lincoln School goes from Tree to New Garden Space

I received a note in May from Susan Kowalenko telling me about Girl Scout Anna Liah DeRojas's garden project at Lincoln School. It started with a tree that she received from Williams Nursery as part of our donation of trees to celebrate arbor day.

They used the tree to start a big family.The big family is the new garden at the kindergarten center at Lincoln School.

Anna Liah DeRojas is a sophomore at Westfield High School, she approached Lincoln School with the idea. She wanted to create a multi-purpose garden on the site for her Senior Gold Project. The tree is the center piece of the garden.

The garden includes an educational and a butterfly component. Four “sensory” beds have been placed in the center of the garden which can be used by the teachers as an educational tool (they include taste, touch, sight, and smell).

Lots of people were involved in the project.
Special thanks to Katie Bartlett for providing the pictures and the DPW for moving the heavy paving stones.

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