Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Heart of Stonleigh Park

Nestled in the heart of Stoneleigh Park, one of the oldest, most charming neighborhoods in Westfield, sits a unique home occupied by the Kettlesons who have lived in Wesfield since 2001. One of the main features of the home is the British garden which they established and continue to maintain themselves. Mrs. Kettleson is the chief landscape designer. She has completed the Master Gardener program and has taken additional gardening and landscape courses at Rutgers.

Mr. and Mrs. Kettleson moved to Westfield from Toronto, Canada. They are passionate about their garden and about minimal use of chemicals. They focus on organic materials by using compost created on the property to fertilize their plants.

Their garden is an exciting display of beautiful flowers throughout the year. In the spring the garden is graced by more than three thousand bulbs which spill out everywhere providing a mix of colors and textures typical of English gardening. Many of the beds are framed with boxwood which focuses attention and adds a unique border. Interest is added to the garden not only through an abundance of flowers but also by use of garden accents. A massive garden urn graces the front of the house and additional pieces are to be found throughout the backyard.

The garden has impressive plantings in bloom throughout the year beginning with snowdrops in spring followed by a succession of bulbs. White, yellow, and purple are used for tulips and fritillaries. Abundant alliums are offset by parrot tulips and daffodils. Clematis blooms throughout the summer in addition to perennials such as foxglove, delphinium, and artemesia. Trillium, astilbe and hydrangeas may be found in profusion. Silver grasses enhance purple plantings in the summer garden. Monkshood and lilies are found in many of the beds blooming into fall.

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