Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Costumes as Garden Art

The second stop I made on the Garden Club of Westfield's Tour was the Rekoon House.
The Rekoon home is located on one of the highest points in Indian Forest, a residential area in Westfield. The location provides a breathtaking view of the town. The Rekoons have lived in their home for over sixteen years and have spent much of that time in renovating and restoring the garden to its present colorful condition. When they arrived, the garden was parched and contained none of the plantings that you will see.

The first landscaping was very traditional in nature. It soon was replaced with the present multihued plantings. The garden is at its best in the middle of June when a profusion of flowers are in bloom.
Impatiens, pansies, and roses are in abundance at this time. While their current landscaper does most of the work, he confers with Mrs. Rekoon to plan plant selection and location.

Two patios occupy more than two thirds of an acre on this property. Garden art displayed here is offset by the raccoon statuary collection owned by the Rakoons. As you enter the gate of the garden, the patios and much of the art can be seen. The back garden also contains a swing counterbalanced by shrubbery planted to bring color and structure to the garden throughout the year.

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