Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thanks Department of Public Works!

If you haven't visited the train station in a while, you may find that something is different there. Keller-Williams Realty donated all the rose bushes and planted the beautiful rose garden in the front of the train station near North Avenue. Town of Westfield Department of Public Works (Monroe and Scott) worked to prepare the garden area for Keller Williams. DPW supervisor, Jim Van Blarcom then had an idea to take out the overgrown, poison-ivy infested shrubs at the other end near the train station. Thanks to the efforts of Gerry Stabenow and Rory Ruhl, Westfield DPW, the area is now clear and ready for an easier to maintain lawn or future garden. With some future trimming under the tree, the view to the historic station, the new rose garden and Elm Street will be more open as people visit the train station. A big thank you for their hard work!

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