Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Colorful Planters to Beautify Downtown Westfield

Wow,its time to start again!
It just seems like yesterday when we were at the America in Bloom symposium back in October. We are starting to make our plans for Westfield's participation in America in Bloom. Here's the first press release announcing this years effort:

Westfield, NJ – The Town of Westfield is gearing up for the annual “America in Bloom” competition as the Downtown Westfield Corporation and Williams Nursery co-lead the effort for Westfield to be considered for the 2010 "America in Bloom" award. Westfield is among 28 towns nationwide to compete this year. Westfield has the distinction of being the only town in the state of NJ to participate in the 2009 and 2010 competition.

The Downtown Westfield Corporation and Williams Nursery will be working with the Town of Westfield and its residents, as well as local businesses and organizations in order to hopefully nab the grand prize in their population category. Decorative planters containing an assortment of flowers will be adorning storefronts and an array of colorful hanging flower baskets will emerge outside many restaurants and shops. Flowering baskets will be installed on the historic utility poles in the late Spring to welcome patrons and visitors to downtown.

Judges will be heading to Westfield on July 12 and 13 to view and critique various landscapes, homes and business fronts for the annual America in Bloom Competition. Final results will be announced in October at the national symposium. In 2009, Westfield received a four-bloom rating out of a possible five bloom rating (a significant achievement for a first-year competing community) and special mention for the Floral Displays category.

For local information about Westfield's involvement, to volunteer or to participate by submitting stories and photos of your Westfield residence, businesses or outdoor environment contact Sherry Cronin at the DWC or Dave Williams at Williams Nursery at info@westfieldinbloom.com. To inquire about the national program, contact America in Bloom at 614-487-1117 or visit www.americainbloom.org.

Picture is of David Williams with the planters from last year.